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Oscilloscopeclocknixiecrt.com Email: howchon@hotmail.com Scope90
Oscilloscope & Nixie clocks & kits Please see my youtube videos

Analog Scope Clock Kit

This kit is a professionally made pc board and the components to populate it, including the ICs and the preprogrammed microcontroller written with my firmware. It uses a simple low voltage dual secondary transformer and a line fed voltage multiplier for the HV. This is different from the original scope clock kit because it uses a purely analog signal (a sine wave) to create the circles, arcs and lines that form the characters. These are continuous smooth lines not vectors linked together or a raster. I supply the instructions for assembly and a parts list (in digital format) with the board and components. Click the links below to open the files individually. Price = $125 + shipping for the basic design (OSC4.7) as well as options to include wifi or gps module (OSC4.9). I have some crts available at varying prices according to scarcity. Below is a link to Sphere Research, they have many types of CRTs and other vintage electronics for sale. Many of the crts they sell will work with the kit. Some types that I have used with this board are: DG7-12C, DG7-6, 2BP1, 6Lo1i, 3RP1.

The Board

The Kit
Scope 67 KitLayout
Buy the kit now for $125 + shipping (OSC4.7 basic design) and up with options available.
The board connects to U.S.(120VAC) or other (240VAC), and it will drive most relatively low-voltage crts such as 2BP1, 2AP1, DG7-6 and others. Please send me an email if you want to inspect the details and I will email you back with the docs attached.
Assembly Instructions

Click here to visit Sphere Research to find many types of CRTs and other vintage electronics for sale. Many of the crts they sell will work with the kit.
Parts List
6Lo1i specs
CRT Data 2AP1-7JP1
National Union 2002 crt pinout
Below are some scope clocks built with the analog board
Scope94 Scope90
2BP11 with blue phosphor. 6Lo1i
Scope91 Scope82
DG7-12C DG7-6
ScopeAnalog1 ScopeAnalog2
Analog build mounted on a valve ! Unique build by a mechanic !
Markos1 Markos2
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